The vet (Medical services)

  • The Kennel Club

Clinical services focused on medical prevention, public health care, isolation chamber and vaccination. We design on integral services that allows us to provide an adequate health care to your pet.

  • Preventive and curative medicine

    Focuses around the individual’s healthcare while belonging to groups, entities and population. Its aim is to secure, endorse and keep up the well-being and prosperity and to obstruct disability, death and disease.
  • Complete blood counts and multi-organ profiles

    Routine medical invention to determine health status and evaluating your pets overall health.
  • Laboratory, cytology a general microscopy

    Health issues cannot be determined unless laboratory tests take place.
  • Dental prophylaxis

    Health issues cannot be determined unless laboratory tests take place
  • Surgeries

    A cleaning strategy performed to meticulously clean and sanitize the teeth. Prophylaxis is a vital dental treatment for stopping the movement of periodontal disease and poor oral hygiene.
  • Radiology

    hip dysplasia
  • Pharmacy

    Routine x-ray and ultrasound services will be taken place to provide the best advice about the owner’s pet such as idexx lab, x-ray
    • Arthritis
    • Cancer
    • Bone fractures
    • Lung diseases
    • Bladder infection or stone bladder
  • Vaccination

    Recommendations of dog vaccinations are provided by our veterinarian. Depending on the lifestyle of the pet certain different vaccinations are required