Dog Training

  • The Kennel Club

Dog training is essential to all pet owners as they are committed to train their own dogs for small sessions. You will likewise figure out how to stay away from matters before they begin and additionally get help to conquer any that you as of now have with your pet. Classes vary depending on the standing of your dog.

  • Basic: Obedience and manners
    Basic: Protection

    Foundation courses following all criteria of a dog and its owner who need to start from the beginning. This basic level of training is essentially created to teach obedience and manners. The trainers teach dogs the commands that will be used on daily relationship. We also provide basic protection for family and against intruders.
  • Advanced: Obedience and manners
    Advanced: Protection

    Is a follow-up course of basic level with further applications. However, classes are limited with a number of dogs ranging from 5-8 in order to perform a more concentrated training and focus on the protection of handler.
  • Certification of the Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

    If wanting to enhance a Certification of excellent condition created towards this level.
  • Agility

    A dog exercise will be articulated while building a relationship bond. The dog agility courses consist of variety of options which will learn to tunnel, weave poles, seesaw, pause table, tire jump, teeter board, standard jumps and dog-walk.